FUSD Scope
The Doctors Academy currently serves 242 students in Fresno Unified School District; 137 in the DA program and 105 students in the JDA program.
FUSD Undergraduate Graduations
Sunnyside High School's 588 alumni have have achieved 325 undergraduate degrees; 48.6% graduated from a UC, 37.2% from a CSU and 7.1% from a Private University.

In partnership since 1999.

The UCSF Latino Center for Medical Education and Research serves Fresno Unified School District students at the following school sites:

  • Sunnyside High School - Doctors Academy
  • Kings Canyon Middle School - Junior Doctors Academy
  • Sequoia Middle School - Junior Doctors Academy
  • Terronez Middle School - Junior Doctors Academy






For information about program expectations or required coursework, visit Resources Pagerces Page