Summer Health Career Mentorship

The Doctors Academy (DA) integrates a five week (50 hour) summer clinical mentorships for pre-health high school student curriculum.

5 Weeks - June through July

This experience is integral to the mission to nurture the development of individuals to become health care professionals who will ultimately return to the San Joaquin Valley and provide culturally competent health care services to the medically underserved the start of the program. Students, in the summer between their junior and senior year of high school, are matched with health professionals for mentoring and shadowing.

The summer also includes workshops and hosts guest speakers to do in-depth study of health professional careers, college readiness, social justice, and hands-on skills development.

Alumni from the DA are either working on their baccalaureate or master’s degrees, in medical school, completing a doctorate program, or practicing health professionals.

We need health professionals that are willing to host a student for this unique learning experience.

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